Hi there!

I'm Angelica Gerosa, a freelance illustrator and paper designer.

I was born in Florence and now I live and work in Milan at Studio Armadillo.

I worked for many years as a restorer in an artisan atelier in Florence, 

now I love to work with different techniques and materials!

I've attended Lisaa, a school of arts in Paris, then I studied Illustration and get

a master degree in editorial illustration at MiMaster in 2011.

I get fun doing different things and I found many applications for my works.

In the last years I diversified my work to meet specific demands,

from interior decoration, to textile design, sculpture project and shows.

I love to make colorful collages and I do collage workshops with kids,

and volumes workshops with adults.

I'm always open to collaborate

Feel free to write me here


You can follow my work on:




Here there's a short list of exhibition:

_Arte in Villa, collective exhibition, promoted by Acg, May 2017, Villa Sormani, Mariano Comense (Co)

_Tittoni Art Fair, collective exhibition promoted by Parco delle Culture and Mondovisione, November 2016, Villa Tittoni      Traversi, Desio (Mi)

_Wallflowers, collective exhibition, curated by Alizarina Studio, October 2016, Fratelli Bonvini, Milan

_“Tagli nel colore”, solo exhibition, curated by Galleria Blanchaert, April 2015, Spazio Via Dante 14, Milan.

_Openbox Folder Art, Killer Kiccen, October 2014, Milan

_Unicredit Tower Parade, collective ehxibition, may-june 2014, Milan.

_MostraMi, collective exhibition, June 2012, Revel Scalo d’ isola, Milan.

_Artkitchen, collective exhibition of Studio Armadillo at Superground, May 2012, Milan.

Some of my clients are:

Unicredit, Mondadori, Clementoni, Hoppipolla, White Star Kids, Pitti Immagine

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