I'm Angelica Gerosa, a freelance illustrator and paper designer.

I was born in Florence, now I live and work in Milan at Studio Armadillo.


I worked for many years as a restorer in an artisan atelier in Florence, 

now I love to work with different techniques and materials.

I've attended Lisaa, a school of arts in Paris, then I studied Illustration and get

a master degree in editorial illustration at MiMaster in 2011.

I get fun doing different things and I found many applications for my works.

In the last years I diversified my work to meet specific demands,

from interior decoration, to textile design, sculpture project and shows.

I'm always open to collaborate, you can drop me a line at:







Some of my clients are:

Unicredit, Mondadori, Clementoni, Hoppipolla, White Star Kids, Pitti Immagine, Salvatore Ferragamo, Findus Italia, FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano

Here there's a short list of exhibition:

"Scomposizioni", exhibition and set up, promoted by Telerie Spadari for MDW September 2021, Via Spadari 13, Milano

MemeGallery, exhibition of collages and ceramic work, February 2020, Via F. Crispi 3, Milano

"Total Collage", exhibition at Pitti Immagine, curated by Sergio Colantuoni, June 2019, Fortezza da Basso, Florence

Arte in Villa, collective exhibition, promoted by Acg, May 2017, Villa Sormani, Mariano Comense (Co)

Tittoni Art Fair, collective exhibition promoted by Parco delle Culture, November 2016, Villa Tittoni Traversi, Desio (Mi)

Wallflowers, collective exhibition, curated by Alizarina Studio, October 2016, Fratelli Bonvini, Milan

“Tagli nel colore”, exhibition, curated by Galleria Blanchaert, April 2015, Spazio Via Dante 14, Milan.

Openbox Folder Art, collective exhibition, Killer Kiccen, October 2014, Milan

Unicredit Tower Parade, collective ehxibition, may-june 2014, Milan.

MostraMi, collective exhibition, June 2012, Revel Scalo d’ isola, Milan.

Artkitchen, collective exhibition of Studio Armadillo at Superground, May 2012, Milan.


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